Who are the main teacher characters in the novel To Sir, with Love To Sir, With Love by E. R. Braithwaite

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Since E. R. Braithwaite's To Sir With Love is autobiographical in nature, the central focus of the book is upon Braithwaite's experiences recorded as interior monologue and dialogue with the people who enter into his experiences.  Of course, the focus of the narrative is upon Braithwaite's first year as a teacher at Greenslade Secondary School on London's lower East Side, a rough, lower class area of the city. 

In Chapter 2 after Braithwaite has talked with the unorthodox headmaster of the school, Mr. Florian, who does not believe in corporal punishment, the new teacher enters the staffroom where he encounters the first of several faculty workers that Mrs. Dale-Evans introduces:

Mrs. Dale-Evans - The teacher of Domestic Science, she has a "ready listening year and proven, sound advice" for the female students.  Braithwaite finds her inspiring and appreciates greatly her candor and friendship.

Miss Josy Dawes - She is a short, but strong-looking young woman with short hair, which adds to her mannish appearance that is continued with short-sleeved man's shirt.  Whe has a deep, "resonant and quite pleasing" voice.

Miss Euphemia Phillips - A mousy, but young-looking woman whose figure even appears immature.  Braithwaite observes that there is even something helpless and expectant about her eyes, much like those of a younger person.

Mr. Theo Weston - A slovely, hirsute "cadaverous" man who impresses Braithwaite mainly with his "general untidiness which enveloped him."  With a thin and squeaky voice, he is cynical about every issue and disparaging about the children.

Miss Vivienne Clintridge - Familiarly known as "Clinty," she is the art and drama teacher.  Chubby, but shapely and thirtyish,  Braithwaite finds in her a friendliness and a certain "brash animal charm." 

Miss Gillian Blanchard - Another new teacher, Braithwaite is immediately attracted to her physical appearance as she is olive with black hair and eyes and suggests to him the lovely women that he remembers from Martinique.  She and Braithwaite develop a personal relationship that leads to their engagement.

Mrs. Drew - An elegant white-haired woman, Mrs. Drew has long lashes, tanned skin, and well-manicured nails on "quiet, controlled hands. She is the school secretary, "the old man's deputy," as Miss Dale-Evans describes her.

Mr. Bell - physical education teacher who is rather abusive. 




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