What are the characters' names in Monster?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main character of Myers’ work is Steve Harmon. He is about 16 and an African- American male who has dreams of becoming a filmmaker. He is the protagonist, and we know much of the trial and the story through his own eyes. We do not really know if he committed the murder of which he is accused, but we know he was there and that there is a part of him that embraces the lifestyle which might lead him to do so. His narration is told through us by a combination of journal entries and screenplay. Kathy O’Brien is Steve’s defense attorney who seeks to break through the standard racial profiling which would undoubtedly convict Steve. She works hard to earn the “not guilty” verdict, but is personally uncertain if he is responsible for the murder or not.  In some respects, she represents the very best of society as well as the lingering questions that could represent its worst element. The Assistant District Attorney is Sandra Petrocelli, who assumes the prosecution of Steve and is quick to label Steve as a “monster.”

snsuber eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In addition to the main characters of the text, Steve Harmon (the Boy on Trial for Murder) lists a few other characters of import on the introduction page of his screenplay:

James King - the Thug
Richard "Bobo" Evans - the Rat
Osvaldo Cruz, member of the Diablos- the Tough Guy Wannabe
Lorelle Henry - the Witness
Jose Delgado - he found the body

There are other characters in the screenplay of Steve's life, but he found it important to introduce these characters at the beginning. This implies that they role they play in the courtroom drama will be significant. It's also important to note the generic titles they are given in Steve's introduction. Apparently, these roles are common enough in the modern justice system that Steve felt comfortable implying his readers would understand those descriptions - something the author, Walter Dean Myers, obviously wants his readers to consider.