What characters influenced Daniel the most in the novel?

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There are many characters who influence Daniel in The Bronze Bow, from the soldiers who killed his father to his grandmother and Leah to Joel and Malthace, but the ones who influence him the most are Rosh and Jesus. Daniel undergoes a fundamental change of character from the beginning to the end of the book; the influence of Rosh shapes his beginning character as a young man full of hatred who wants to use violence to change his circumstances. It was the Romans who planted the seeds of this hate, but it is Rosh who leads Daniel into violence and helps to shape the man that Daniel is becoming. Although both Joel and Malthace help to bring about the change in Daniel, it is Jesus who really makes Daniel rethink his commitment to violence. Daniel is drawn to his lessons and to his example. Jesus heals, while Rosh kills. Jesus shows compassion, while Rosh shows none. The key chapter where you can see that the balance of influence falls in Jesus's favor is chapter 18, when Daniel leads the boys to rescue Joel despite Rosh's dismissal. Daniel's realization that the hate Rosh is sowing is only going to bring ruin is reinforced by the death of Samson. Samson gives his life rescuing them. Daniel can see that the legacy of hate is death, but the legacy of love that Jesus is showing is life, as evidenced in the resurrection of Jarius's daughter in chapter 15. So, while Rosh is the young Daniel's strongest influence, Jesus is the one who turns the tide of his heart.

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