What are the jobs of the characters from "And Then There Were None" before going to the island?

Expert Answers
pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are ten characters, including the judge, who is the killer in the story.

Dr. Armstrong - a doctor with a drinking problem who operated on a woman while he was drunk.

William Blore who pretends to be Mr. Davis is a private detective, a former police inspector

Miss Emily Brent - a religious fanatic, older woman, no occupation given who dismissed her pregnant servant

Very Claythorne - a Nanny, a child in her care drowned

Philip Lombard - a soldier for hire, a soldier of fortune

General Gordon Macarthur - a military man, a soldier

Anthony Marston -  a playboy who has killed two children with his fast sports car

Isaac Morris - a shady businessman who made all the arrangements to bring the guests to Indian Island

Mr. & Mrs. Rogers - servants for hire, a sick woman died mysteriously while in their care

Judge Wargrave - A judge