What characters does Abigail Williams show anger towards?

Expert Answers

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Abigail is angry with the world. She has been dismissed by Elizabeth Proctor for suspicion of having an affair with John, Elizabeth's husband. for this reason, Abigail is angry. She is angry until she desires to see Elizabeth Proctor dead.

Abigail uses her anger to control the girls in the play. She threatens them if they tell of her mischievous deeds while dancing in the woods. Abigail is spiteful and vindictive. She will stop at nothing short of seeing people hang in order to have her way.

Abigail shows her anger in the courtroom. She is rude and even sinister in her actions. She realizes innocent people will hang and she shows no remorse.



drannamarie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Abigail Williams shows anger toward several characters. Foremost, her anger is directed at Elizabeth Proctor because she wants John for herself. She also shows anger toward the other girls when they do not follow through with her plot and anger toward Judge Danforth when he questions her in the courtroom.

lynne10 | Student

Abigial Williams is angry with Elizabeth Proctor because she has the one thing Abigial wants, John Proctor.

She's mad at John because he won't leave his wife and be with her.

She's angry with her so called friends. She threatens them to keep them from telling the truth. If they get close to telling the truth she turns on them like Mary Warren.

Abigial is all together angry at everyone. She'll accuse anyone and doesn't care about the innocent people she's killing.

sheatherooski | Student

Abigail Williams is perhaps one of the most passionate characters in the play.  Most of this passion manifests itself in angry outbursts throughout the work.  In Act I, she threatens physical harm to Betty who lies inert on her bed, and later in the act, she promises the other girls that she will "come to [them] in the dead of night and bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder [them]" if they breathe a word of the truth.  She is clearly unstable, vacillating between eery calm and violent rage from one moment to the next.  A perfect example of this can be seen in her encounter with John Proctor under a tree where she attemps to convince him to come back to her.  As she begins to see that her persuasive appeals are falling on deaf ears, she becomes desperate and angrily labels John's wife, Elizabeth, a "cold, sniveling woman," pushing John to anger as well.  A final example that stands out from the others in the play is when Abigail's relationship with John Proctor is called into question by Judge Danforth in the courtroom.  She explodes, asserting that she will not be subjected to such a question.  This time, her anger did not go unnoticed, and she was reprimanded sternly by the powerful judge.

jananipaul | Student

the characters abigail showed angry was towards Elizabeth Proctor mainly.her anger towards her made her to be very selfish and allowed her to take revenge on elizabeth and those who supported her.