What are the characters and characteristics in The Kiss by Kate Chopin?

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are only three characters in this story; Brantain, Harvy and Nathalie. Natahlie is being courted by the rich Mr. Brantain. They are sitting together when Mr. Harvy comes in a plants a big kiss right on Natahlie's lips. She obviously likes Harvy, he is a friend of her brothers, but it is more important for her to convince Brantain that she likes HIM because Brantain is rich and Nathalie wants to marry him.

Nathalie is a calculating young woman. She sets her sights on Brantain and  when Harvy comes in and kisses her, thus threatening her relationship with Brantain, she immediately sets to work to fix things. She convinces Brantain that the kiss means nothing.

Brantain is rather unsure of himself. The story calls him "insignifcant" and "unattractive" whereas Harvy is brash, attractive and outgoing. Brantain immediately gets up to leave when Harvy kisses Nathalie, assuming the worst. After Nathalie coaxes him and convinces him she does not care for Harvy, they marry. Harvy approaches Nathalie at her wedding and informs her that her new husband has sent him over to kiss Natahlie - "No hard feelings," so to speak, but he tells her he will NOT kiss her. He has given up kissing women. It is too dangerous. He is joking with her, tongue in cheek, kind of telling her, "Hey, you made your choice, so now live with it." The author says he has a sly smile on his face when he greets Natahlie at her wedding.

Natahlie, however, coldly concludes that, oh well, sometimes we can't have everything. She has made her choice. Money over love.