Describe the characters in Chapter 2 of The Westing Game

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Shin Hoo lives on the 4th floor of Sunset Towers and owns the Chinese restaurant on the top floor.  He is disgruntled at his lack of customers.  The place is "too exclusive" for him.

Sandy McSouthers is the "stocky, broad-shouldered" doorman at Sunset Towers.  When he is not complaining about losing his job at the Westing paper mill he is otherwise mostly cheery.

Otis Amber is the sixty-two year old who delivered the letters to each of the tennant of Sunset Towers.

Theo Theodorakis and Doug Hoo are high school seniors, children of two families living in Sunset Towers.

Turtle Wexler is Dr. Wexler's daughter.  She is in junior high, wears her hair in one long braid, and precociously makes a bet with the older boys that she's brave enough to go inside the Westing house.

Chris Theodorakis is Theo's younger brother who sits at the window with binoculars, birdwatching.  His body is wracked by violent spasms.

Finally, a mysterious "limper" is mentioned at the end of the chapter, seen entering the Westing house by Chris Theodorakis.