What are the physical descriptions of the following characters in Treasure Island?Captain Smolllett, Dr. Livesey, Long John Silver, Squire Trelawney, and Jim Hawkins.

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DR. LIVESEY.  The doctor dressed neatly with a powdered wig "as white as snow." He was well-mannered with "bright, black eyes" and regularly smokes a pipe. He is apparently more youthful than the squire of Captain Smollett, and is athletic, highly intelligent and a competent doctor.

SQUIRE TRELAWNEY. The wealthy squire was tall, better than six feet tall, and somewhat heavy. He had black eyebrows and a red, "rough-and-ready" face well-lined from his age and travels. Like the doctor, he also smokes a pipe.

LONG JOHN SILVER.  The colorful Silver was one-legged, using a crutch for his missing left leg, on which he hopped about "like a bird." Jim describes Silver as "very tall and strong," with a pale, plain face "as big as a ham." He nearly always smiled, and he whistled often; while at the inn, he was clean and even-tempered. On board the ship, he often had a parrot, Cap'n Flint, on his shoulder.

CAPTAIN SMOLLETT.  There is little description of the Captain, who Jim calls "smart-looking" and "angry with everything on board."

JIM HAWKINS.  As the narrator, Jim gives little or no description of himself. We know he is a young boy, smaller than all of the men on board. He proves to be strong and athletic enough to defend himself from the murderous pirate aboard the ship.