In "Top Girls," what are the characters' attitudes towards their own bodies?how do they feel about being woman in male dominated situations?

Expert Answers
gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The characters in Top Girls have several complex attitudes towards their bodies. Pope Joan's attitudes are some of the more complex. She can't be fully at ease with her body, at least not in a social/historical context, because she had to hide her sex to be pope. She knows she broke the rules of the church she served. At the same time, she did not reject her sexual desires, since she had relations with men. We have to assume much anxiety, much internal negotiation, and some fair resentment.  

The various characters who have had to make choices related to their children will know the cost of living in this male-dominated society; their sexuality has implications that male sexuality does not. They carry responsibility, and some are resentful, while some seem at ease with it.