What characterizes a great community and our role in creating them ?  Please throw some light.

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your question is a little vague, and I cannot tell what particular focus you are looking for, so I will try to discuss a few aspects.

A good community has many important features, including members who watch out for one another and members who afford fellow community members some privacy.   A good community is clean, free of crime, and has a solid infrastructure, including reliable utilities and good roads. A good community has cultural amenities and accessible goods and services, for example, good schools, a library, religious institutions, and stores to purchase groceries. 

Every member of a community bears responsibility for creating and maintaining it. Small kind acts to neighbors, such as helping to cut the grass when a neighbor is sick or taking in newspapers and mail when a neighbor is away are part of keeping a good community.  Not eavesdropping on neighbors' conversations affords them the privacy they deserve.  Not littering and even picking up others' litter is a way of keeping a community clean. Paying one's taxes or rent promptly helps to take care of infrastructure.  Supporting local institutions is part of being a good community member, as is frequenting local businesses.  Everyone can and should be involved in creating and keeping good communities.  The world would be a better place!  Therefore, I have provided a link for you on community service projects, which are a fine way to be a good community member.