What characterizes Christina Rossetti's writing style? 

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Christina Rosetti was a writer and poet who lived during the Victorian era in England. She was a romantic poet, writing poetry that was influenced by the romantic era stylistic elements. Rossetti mainly wrote poetry meant for children. While her main work reflected religious themes, there were also subtle adult overtones to some of her more famous poems like “Goblin Market.” The influence of romanticism is evident in her work, specifically in her attention to natural beauty and the independent nature of the characters who appear in her work.

The independence of female characters in particular has led some to characterize Rossetti as a feminist author. Though Rossetti would have likely been unfamiliar with the idea of women’s empowerment, her female characters do not fit into the perfect Victorian mold that society dictated for women at the time. Rossetti’s women were independent and courageous, and they pursued the things that they desired above all else.

Her poetry has a...

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