In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried Questions and Answers
by Amy Hempel

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What is the characterization of the story "In the Cemetry where Al Jolson is Buried"? Characters

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This is an incredibly moving and sad story. The tale features two characters, both of whom are unnamed. Firstly there is the dying friend that the narrator visits. Her attempt to confront and accept her approaching death is a major struggle for her. The first line of the story, "Tell me the things I won't mind forgetting," thus creates the impetus for the story that follows. She does try to realistically approach the reality of her mortality, as is shown by the reference to Kubler-Ross and the stages of acceptance of death. She also displays considerable humour in confronting her own death, as is shown by her asking for "Anything.. except for a magazine subscription" and when she places the telephone cord around her neck and says,...

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