What are the characteristics of 'Wants'?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Compared to "needs", wants are physical or psychological desire for being, possessing, or doing something.

A desire is, in itself, a whim, or a vacuous emotion, that does not lead to any specific consequence. A want does not fall within a sequence, as it does not constitute origin nor ending, with the exception of the wants that come out of true motivation.

Hence wants are:

1. based on physical or psychological feelings

2. mainly ruled by emotions

3. not necessary for any specific course of action

4. mostly important for the building of motivation

sid-sarfraz | Student

Wants and Needs are two separate terms with different meanings. Wants are the wishes that a person desires but needs are the things that a person has to have to live like food etc.

Basically 'Wants' are part of an individuals psychology and the things he wishes for. Every individual desires for something that he can live without but dont want to live without. Simply it means that wants are not essential for living they are just things that are hoped by the individuals.

Characteristics of WANTS are:-

  • It is human nature that a person is never satisfied by what he gets. An individual wishes are unlimited and when one if fulfilled he would have another wish, and this is a process that never stops.
  • Wants are variable in nature meaning a persons wants depends on the time, place, job, status and occasion and keeps on changing. They are never same.
  • Wants keep on repeating with time to time.
  • Wants are based on the psychological behavior
  • Wants are the wishes made by a person that when not fulfilled, the individual thinks he wont be able to live but the truth is that he will live and his life will go on