The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Questions and Answers
by James Thurber

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty book cover
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What characteristics does Walter Mitty wish he had in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"?

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Walter Mitty would like to be assertive, commanding, courageous, brave, fearless, heroic, and unwavering.

"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" is a darkly humorous tale of a man who is defeated by authority and audacity, and emasculated by an insensitive wife. Apparently consigned to conducting his domineering wife to town and running silly errands for her, Walter drives along pretending that he is the courageous Commander of a Navy hydroplane until reality interrupts. Then, he is reduced to what has been called the "hen-pecked" husband as his wife scolds the meek Walter and reminds him to buy overshoes and wear his gloves.

Shortly after dropping off his wife at the salon, Mitty drifts into another wishful daydream in which he is again a leader. This time he is a famous surgeon, who assertively fixes a faulty piston so that an operation can continue. In sharp contrast to this heroism and commanding persona, Mitty is reduced again by reality as a lowly parking-lot attendant shouts at him, "Back it...

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