What are the contrasting characteristics of TYBALT AND PARIS?I want examples for each characteristic.

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Tybalt and Paris do have contrasting characteristics.  They are alike in that they are both noblemen, and both seem to think they have Juliet’s best interests at heart.  Neither likes Romeo, but mainly because of the feud.

Tybalt is clearly hot-headed.  Capulet calls him a “saucy boy” (Act 1, Scene 5, enotes pdf p. 32).  In scene 1, Benvolio calls him “fiery” (Act 1, Scene 1, p. 13).  Mercutio’s giddy description of Tybalt as the “Prince of Cats” also reveals a serious truth that Tyablt is quick on his feet and quick to draw in a fight (Act 3, Scene 4, p. 48).

He fights as you(20)

sing pricksong, keeps time, distance, and proportion;

rests me his minim rest, one, two, and the third in your

bosom! the very butcher of a silk button, a duellist, a

duellist! (Act 4, Scene 4, p. 48)

Clearly Mercutio is right to worry about Tybalt, because he seems to draw on Benvolio immediately upon seeing him.  Clearly the feud between the two households, and their friendship with Romeo, is enough to spur Tybalt’s temper.  He feels offended by Romeo’s appearance at the party, and this leads him to attack and kill Mercutio.

Paris, on the other hand, seems to be mostly above the fray.  He does not have as bad a temper.  He engages in a fight with Romeo because he feels that Juliet’s honor is being impinged. 

This is that banish'd haughty Montague

That murdered my love's cousin—with which grief(50)

It is supposed the fair creature died—

And here is come to do some villanous shame

To the dead bodies. (Act 5, Scene 3, p. 107)

Paris clearly is not as skilled as Tybalt, because Romeo makes short work of him.  Paris was defending Juliet.  He really did think that Romeo was a criminal, and came to disgrace her.

Paris really does nothing wrong.  It was common for a man to ask for a woman’s hand, even a young woman, from her father.  He is also not nearly as well-drawn a character as Tybalt.  He serves mostly as an instigator for Juliet’s faking her death so she will not have to marry him.

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