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What are the characteristics of transformational leaders?

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Transformational leadership is about vision. A transformational leader is a visionary, first and foremost, with an idea. This idea is presented in a viable and concrete manner that shows purpose and productivity. The manner in which the idea is presented, however, is what sets aside a good transformational leader from a GREAT transformational leader: the good transformational leader sells the idea, but the great transformational leader will turn his or her idea into the mantra of the organization.

This being said, transformational leaders are:

  • motivators- because they make people enthusiastic
  • initiators- because they come up with something unique to make a real change.
  • stern and disciplined- because they cannot allow themselves to waste time or resources that do not go hand in hand with the idea.
  • inspiring- because their ability to engage people into one same concept makes others want to follow.
  • inquisitive- because they will tap onto every resource available to make their idea possible.
  • resilient- the thought of someone following "a dream" is hard to conceptualize...until you see it happening.

The best examples of positive transformational leadership is Steve Jobs and the way in which he influenced the Apple Corporation. An example of bad leadership is Adolf Hitler and his work with the Third Reich on behalf of a negative and badly influenced ideal.

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