In Tartuffe, what are the characteristics of Tartuffe that allow him to deceive Orgon so successfully?

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Like all successful con artists, Tartuffe is a master in manipulating others; however, only Orgon and his mother, Madame Pernelle, fall for his pious act, unable to see Tartuffe's selfish motives. Why they are taken in has as much to do with who they are, perhaps, as it does with Tartuffe's talent for deception. That said, though, Tartuffe did exhibit much skill in deceiving, and ultimately betraying, Orgon.

Tartuffe's primary skill in manipulating Orgon is his ability to read Orgon's character and employ the strategy of reverse psychology. After first attracting Orgon's attention in church with his public displays of religious fervor and holiness, Tartuffe refuses to accept all of Orgon's charity; he will accept only a portion of what Orgon offers him, thus presenting...

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