What are the characteristics of society?  

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Though it is a bit difficult to answer the question in its rather vague form, the nature of the society present in "Pen, Sword and Camisole" is one of the more celebrated aspects of the story.

The society is filled with intrigue and trickery and politicking, as part of the point of the book appears to be poking fun at those aspects of Brazilian society at the time.  The characters appear to be rather absorbed in the politics surrounding the appointment to the academy's "seat," at the expense of any other part of their lives.

The book also suggests a few things about the nature of those involved as the opposition's first candidate, Moreira, becomes insufferable even before the first round of machinations is completed.  The supporters quickly find a new person to support and set about opposing the man they've just set up in the same unscrupulous matter as before.

The society is also generally characterized as optimistic, full of live and verve, and wonderfully unscrupulous.

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