What are characteristics of science quiz and its advantages for students?

krishna-agrawala | Student

Science quiz basically consists to a set of question with following characteristics.

  • Answer to each question requires usually a short objective answer. Quizzes do not include question which require subjective answers, or answers that require long descriptions.
  • Usually the questions are such that it does not take lengthy calculation or other lengthy analysis to find the correct answer. Person answering a quiz may uses paper and pen to do some rough calculations, but most of the calculation and analysis is expected to be done mentally. The answer to quizzes may also involve just selecting a correct answer from given alternatives.
  • Quiz usually involves a large number of questions to be solved in a relatively short period.
  • Quizzes are intended to assess the knowledge, understanding, and capabilities of the respondents of the subject covered, independent of their ability to express their ideas clearly and impressively.
  • Quizzes are formulated in such a way that the correct answers to a question are predetermined, and there is no scope of personal bias of the assessor of a quiz affecting scores of participants.
  • Quiz may be administered in a written form or oral form. Quizzes may also be organized as an open public competition,

Main advantages of quizzes for students include the following.

  • The quizzes evaluate the knowledge, understanding and mental skills of the students irrespective of their ability to express it. In this way the assessment by quizzes is likely to represent the knowledge and understanding of participants in the subject covered by quiz more accurately.
  • Because of large number of question included in the quiz, the performance of participants is less dependent on the probability of question on specific topics know to individual students better being included or excluded from the question. Large number of question in quizzes ensure that the question cover more topics.
  • Quizzes eliminates personal bias of the assessor. The score of a quiz participants remains same irrespective of who assesses it. As a matter of fact many quizzes these days are administered through computer and also assessed by computer system.
  • Usually participants have to spend less time answering quizzes as compared to examinations involving subjective types of answers.

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