What are the characteristics, principles, values, and themes of Romanticism in "Young Goodman Brown"?

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Certainly, Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" is infused with the Puritan values of seventeenth-century America. However, the story also incorporates many elements of Dark Romanticism. As a movement, Dark Romanticism was popularized during the early nineteenth-century, rather than the seventeenth. Hawthorne, however, wrote "Young Goodman Brown" in 1835, and he saw fit to include elements of Dark Romanticism in the story. Perhaps he saw it as a good way to highlight some very important themes.

First, let's discuss the Puritan values in the story. In seventeenth-century New England, Puritans made a clean break from the Church of England. The group of believers maintained that secession was necessary because King Henry VIII's new church had failed to reject all Roman Catholic traditions. For the most part, the Puritans thrived in New England, but their communities soon became embroiled in controversy. First, Puritans were inherent "literalists." In fact, antinomians (those who reputedly...

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