What are characteristics of Odysseus?I need some characteristics for him. I read the book, but i completely forgot the characterisitics.

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Odysseus is one of the most heroic and cunning characters in literature. He is the central character in a pair of Homer's classics: In "The Iliad," he defeats the Trojan warrior Hector and then initiates the the building of the Trojan Horse, which directly leads to the downfall of Troy; in "The Odyssey," Odysseus begins a 10 year quest to return to Ithaca, encountering and defeating many unusual monsters and creatures along the way before regaining his wife and kingdom. Many adjectives describe him:  intelligent, determined, resourceful, loyal, arrogant, prideful, deceptive, and powerful are just a few. His physical strength was exceeded only by the gods, and his useful display of wordplay and guile saved him on may occasions. The loyalty shown by his men for him is virtually unparalleled in war and literature, and the love of his family and countrymen contributed to his popular legacy.

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