What are five characteristics that make an iOS app great, and which make an application easy and cheap compared to difficult and expensive to develop?  

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farouk23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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The factors that determine a great iOS application are dependent on the purpose of the application (i.e. gaming, business, news e.t.c); however there are certain key characteristics that are needed for an app to be great. 

  1. It must have a great GUI: This stands for graphical user interface; this is basically the screen we see when we load the app and navigate through it. Much like your windows desktop, the app should have appropriate colors, themes, branding and text than are visually appealing.
  2. Ease of Navigation/ User experience: Any great application must not be overly complicated and should be easy to get around.
  3. Fast Loading: The app should be able to load quickly from click to initiation to startup.
  4. Functionality: The app must provide its stated purpose and provide it well.
  5. Stable and reliable: The application should be thoroughly tested and debugged and should not be prone to crashing or hang-ups.

An easy and cheap to develop application is one that only provides a single functionality or is just an informational application that requires minimal to no programming skill. Such applications are one that does not utilize the native functionality on the Smart phone like the compass, camera, GPS, WiFi, Blue-tooth e.t.c. In contrast a difficult application would require custom coding and API access as well as cross utilization of the functionality on the Smart phone. For example the Facebook iOS application requires access to the phones contact list, Wi-Fi, GPS, camera and other features and for them to all work seamlessly together. This requires a lot of custom coding and integration and cost a lot of money to develop. 

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