In "Waiting for Normal," what are the characteristics of the main character?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Addison Schmeeter was able to maintain a positive attitude throughout her life. She encountered myriad challenges including the passing of her father and being left with a mother supposedly suffering from bipolar disorder. Addie took on the responsibilities of a grown up and took care of her mother. She cooked, cleaned and was generally in charge of all household duties on behalf of her mother. She was also considerate, as seen when she accepted her mother’s decision to get married to Dwight. Addie was supportive of the relationship and loved her new family. This endeared her to her stepfather, who adored her, even after the relationship ended in a divorce. The young girl remained hopeful about her future and the chance to lead the normal life that she had been longing for.

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