What characteristics are there in the poem "Go and Catch a Falling Star" by John Donne to justify that it is a lyrical poem?

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Lyrical poems use figurative language to express deeply felt emotion. They also have a musical quality, as if they could be sung, and they usually have a distinct meter. A lyrical poem is different from the ballad, which tells a story, occasional poems, which celebrate a distinct event, such as a coronation, and the elegy, which mourns the departed, even though all of those can have lyrical moments.

On the surface, the cynicism in "Go and Catch a Falling Star" would not suggest a lyrical poem. Cynicism is a defense against deep feeling: if you assume everything is rotten to begin with, you cannot become vulnerable, and you cannot be hurt—nor can you have strong feelings.

Nevertheless, lyrical moments emerge in the poem. The first line, "go and catch a falling star," conjures a magical image of doing the impossible. Hearing mermaids sing, a second seemingly impossible task that would presuppose that mythic mermaids really exist, is another lyrical moment. Another fanciful thought is the idea of riding for ten thousand days and nights. These images suggest that underneath a cynical facade lives a heart that yearns for a better, more beautiful world.

Further the two short lines in each stanza preceding the final line add a musical quality to the poem. Because these lines are so short, the emphasis lands on each of the two words they contain, creating a caesura—a pause—that adds drama to the stanza's final line. An example is in stanza two:

And swear,
No where
Lives a woman true, and fair.
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Lyric poetry is a fairly broad genre of poetry; however, there are basic key features of lyric poems.  More often than not, a lyric poem is written from the first person perspective.  That means that the speaker of the poem is also involved in the poem itself.  Lyric poems also tend to be short.  They can be long, but they usually are not long. Almost without exception, lyric poems focus intensely on some mood or emotion.  It could be any emotion, but more often than not, the emotion is love. The last characteristic of lyric poetry is the lyrical nature of the poem itself.  Lyric poems usually have very consistent rhyme scheme, rhythm, and meter.  

John Donne's poem "Go and Catch a Falling Star" is a nice example of lyric poetry.  It's short.  The poem is 3 stanzas long, and each stanza is not long. It has a regular rhyme scheme (ABABCCDDD).  The rhythmic meter is mostly iambic tetrameter.  Lines 7-8 of each stanza drop to monometer.  The subject of the poem is about love. . . sort of.  The speaker is searching for the perfect woman, but he knows that is as impossible as "catching a falling star."  

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