What are the top three characteristics of General Washington during his quest for American independence?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

General Washington had several characteristics which allowed him to be successful in his quest for independence for the colonies.  One of those characteristics was his willingness to serve the colonies in any way that was needed.  General Washington knew the colonies needed strong leadership which he knew he could provide.  Another characteristic was his excellent military leadership and skill.  Washington was able to make smart decisions which enabled the undersupplied and understaffed colonial army to take advantage of American strengths and British mistakes.  Washington worked with those who were willing to serve, and with the help of others, our army became a much better trained military as the war went on.  Finally, the third key characteristic of Washington was his humility.  He was not obsessed with power.  He knew the Americans needed help, and he was more than willing to let professional fighters from other countries serve in our army and help to train our soldiers.  Washington was very willing to accept help and aid from Britain's rivals when that help was offered.  His humility was very important in helping our army develop into a better fighting force.  These three characteristics of General Washington enabled the colonial army to improve and develop, and to eventually pull off one of the biggest military surprises in history.

seanchen95129 | Student

General Washington had multiple prominent characteristics during his quest for American independence. The number one characteristic he had during his quest for American independence would probably be his uncanny skill for leadership. George Washington had a skill for making his men believe in the cause for freedom, and he also was able to convince the men to not leave when they had almost no supplies. The number two characteristic would probably be a very good understanding of the enemy and how to fight the war. During one of the extremely cold winters during the Revolutionary War, George Washington crossed the iced-up Delaware River to surprise and defeat the Hessians on Christmas Day as they didn't expect it. The number three characteristic would probably be determination. George Washington was apparently in agreement with the war the entire time even though his men were dying left and right. This shows his determination and his willingness to sacrifice his countrymen in order to create a new nation.

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