James Monroe's Presidency Questions and Answers

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What are the characteristics of the Era of Good Feelings?

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There are several characteristics of the Era of Good Feelings. During this time period, there was only one political party. The Federalist Party had disappeared after the War of 1812 because the party looked selfish and unpatriotic in how it conducted itself during the War of 1812. The only political party in existence was the Democratic-Republican Party. During this time period, there was much political harmony that was of great benefit to President Monroe who was in office during this period of time.

During this time, the power of the federal government grew. Court cases such as McCulloch v Maryland and Gibbons v Ogden expanded the power of the federal government. A loose view of the Constitution was viewed as legal.

The American System developed during this time period. There were taxes on foreign products to protect our industries. The national bank existed where the government and others could put their money. We also began to develop a system of internal improvements by building roads and canals.

The Era of Good Feelings, from approximately 1816-1824, was a time of calmness and cooperation in American politics.

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