What characteristics define major climate zones? (e.g. weather, climate, animals, etc.) What kind of landscapes can you see (e.g. forests, deserts, mountains, etc.) and what is there to see if you visit them?

Characteristics that define major climate zones include rain, sunlight, harsh weather, moderate weather, and a variety of species and plant life.

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The major climate zones are generally considered to be the polar zone, the temperate zone, and the tropical zone.

If one visits the polar region, they are likely to be cold. The polar zone is marked by freezing temperatures. They’ll probably see glaciers, tundras, and great amounts of ice. They might even see some polar bears. They have fur and a thick layer of fat under their skin, which helps them cope with the extreme cold.

Visiting the temperate zone, one could come across a number of climates. For instance, the United States is in the temperate zone. As the name implies, the weather is relatively moderate; yet it’s also heterogeneous. Visiting New York City in the middle of January won’t be the same as, say, traveling to Florida in January. The latter would be warmer and sunnier.

Temperate zones produce an array of creatures. In Florida, one might come across alligators. In New York City, one is likely to run into some pigeons.

Heading off to the tropical zone, one can expect lots of rain if they visit during the wet season or an arid experience if they come during the dry season. Depending on where in the tropical zone they venture, they could see deserts or rainforests. Thus, it's possible they'll spot cactus and armadillos or banana trees and parrots, depending on one's exact locale.

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