What are the characteristics of Deacon Block in "Peace Shall Destroy Many"?I'm stuck on this question from my review for my end of semester exam.

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In this book, “Peace Shall Destroy Many” by Rudy Wiebe, “the acknowledged leader of the Wapiti Mennonite Church and community is Deacon Peter Block, who financed the trip and land for the Mennonites he brought to Canada from Russia. He controls the church and community with an iron hand, having led them to this isolated region where they can live separate from worldly influences and raise their children in peace. Thom, encouraged by the teacher Joseph Dueck, starts to question some of the trappings of their faith: their extreme position of nonresistance, the requirement of speaking German in all church services, and their disdain of their Indian and mixed-race neighbors.”   Thom Wiens struggles to reconcile biblical imperatives with the teachings of Deacon Block. Block is a Mennonite Moses, a strong and conflicted leader of conviction who has built Wapiti with sheer will power and tireless effort. While Wiens seeks to live out his Christian faith and to love his Metis and Native neighbors, Block simultaneously seeks to protect the community from the influence of outsiders. Wiens grows increasingly aware of the darker side of Mennonite separation, seen in Block's own family and in the devil's choice between community and evangelism.

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