From The Story of My Life, what are the characteristics of Bishop Brooks?

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Helen Keller, having been struck by an illness at the age of nineteen months which left her blind and deaf, takes every opportunity presented to her, to enrich her life. Even at a very young age and despite frustrations at being unable to communicate to the point that her "outbursts occured daily, even hourly," (ch 3) she is able to "learn from life itself." (Ch 7). 

Bishop Brook is very dear to Helen and, in The Story of My Life, she includes him as  a "man of genius." (Ch 23) He teaches Helen the "one universal religion, Helen—the religion of love" which allows her to extend her own beliefs without being restricted by rules of any particular religion. This inspires Helen and allows her independent spirit to reach for "the key to Heaven" as good always usurps evil. This reveals Bishop Brooks as an open-minded man with no hypocrisy. He does not judge others and reminds Helen that "the possibilities of good are greater than the possibilities of evil." The forgiving and understanding characteristics of Bishop Brooks confirm, for Helen that there is "no creed or system more soul-satisfying than Bishop Brooks's creed of love. " (Ch 23).

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