What are the characteristics of Billy Williams in The Terrorist?I'm making a character poster.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The characteristics of Billy are that he is a typical American school boy, who happens to be living in London. He has some odd quirks. He loves to collect things and list things and write about all his plans for life but otherwise he is a typical energetic kid who is active and friendly. He has a warm expression in his face that lights up when his eager smile bursts out. He is curious about everything and accepting of everyone. he is genuinely friendly and gregarious and loves to have a wholesome good time and laugh at good fun. Billy is also a quick thinker who, because of all his collecting, curiosity and listing of things can figure things out in a hurry. He is decisive and quick to act. He is selfless in his acceptance of other people and he is giving. For all these reasons, Billy acted heroically and wrapped his body around the ticking package as soon as he figured out what it was, called for his mom and tried to keep the explosion away from the baby who was in a carriage next to him.

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