What are characteristics about love in the story "A service of love" by O.Henry? Please help me list some characteristics. Thank you!

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O' Henry's story centers on the love and home life of Joe and Delia Larrabee.

But the best, in my opinion, was the home life in the little flat--
the ardent, voluble chats after the day's study; the cozy dinners and fresh, light breakfasts; the interchange of ambitions...the mutual help and inspiration; and--overlook my artlessness--stuffed olives and cheese sandwiches at 11 p.m.

Some characteristics of the love shared by Jim and Delia:

a)Mutual solicitude: both are focused on the other's happiness and comfort. When the couple experience financial difficulties, Delia quietly takes on a job teaching music (or so she says). Jim is in art school, and he worries about his wife slaving away to provide for their needs. Lovingly, Delia reassures Jim by telling him how happy she is to be working in the music field. Meanwhile, Jim supposedly sells some of his watercolor paintings to a customer from Peoria, Illinois. However, it soon turns out that both have actually been working at the same laundry in order to provide the necessities of the household.

In essence, Jim and Delia's home life is characterized by a lack of acrimony and conflict. A major reason for their marital happiness is their mutual consideration for each other's feelings.

b)Loving communion: both enjoy each other's company and delight in sharing their meals together. The stuffed olives and sandwiches shared at 11pm represent the warmth of their fellowship.

c)Selfless generosity: when Delia and Jim have a good week financially, they pool their resources to purchase and enjoy delicacies both enjoy.

"Thirty-three dollars! We never had so much to spend
before. We'll have oysters to-night."

"And filet mignon with champignons," said Joe. "Where is the olive

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