What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur?

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Entrepreneurship is something that is not for everyone.  It is very difficult and very stressful.  An entrepreneur is sinking his or her time, effort, and money into a business that is not in any way guaranteed to make money.  Therefore, entrepreneurship requires a certain kind of person.

Entrepreneurs need to be willing to take risks.  This allows them to cope with the uncertainty and risk of entrepreneurship.  They need to be assertive and they need to motivate themselves.  This is true because new businesses do not simply get customers on their own and because an entrepreneur has no boss to be telling them what to do.  The entrepreneur needs to be able to self-motivate every morning to go out and assertively build their business.  Entrepreneurs also need to be able to make plans and then to follow those plans.  They cannot simply do as they are told because there is no one to tell them what to do.  Relatedly, entrepreneurs need to be able to cope with and thrive in situations where there is no clear-cut right way to proceed.  They have to be able to creatively find new ways of doing things in such situations.

Entrepreneurs, then, typically need to have all of these characteristics, along with other characteristics like drive and intelligence that are more common to all successful people.  These characteristics allow them to succeed in the difficult environment that they have chosen.

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