What are the characteristics of an effective manager?Like motivation, guiding, and organizing.

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parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An effective manager knows how to optimalize both infrastructure and personnel. Considering employees as co-workers in a "win-win" (and not a"win-lose") situation, he or she knows how to delegate responsibility and hold people accountable for their performance. A good manager rewards diligence but will "let the ax fall" when necessary.

He or she has "bifocal vision," able to keep an eye on both short and long-term goals: an efficient manager can streamline under duress but will not take risky short-cuts which may compromise the company's efficiency or its reputation.

An effective manager can "roll with the punches" because he or she has anticipated in advance how to deal with problems which arise. He or she sticks to priorities and does not panic when the pressure is on.

An effective manager communicates and encourages communication on all levels. He/She clearly states expectations, offers and listens to constructive criticism, gives feedback, and promote teamwork.

Finally, an effective manager leads by example and "plays fair." A loyal team leader knows that the credibility of his/her leadership is the number one asset and that the lack of it will likewise be his/her undoing.

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