What are the characteristic figures of English poetry in Victorian period? 

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The phrase ‘figures of Victorian poetry’ can mean several things:

Major Victorian Poets: These would include Tennyson, Browning (Elizabeth and Robert), Arnold, Dante and Christina Rossetti, Swinburne, Houseman, Dowson, Meynell, Bridges, Hopkins, and Hardy.

Types of character appearing in Victorian poetry: Abandoned women and ambivalent men are common. The poete maudite is imported from France and appears in much of late Victorian decadent work. Theatre, opera, and ballet figure in much of late Victorian work, as do alcohol, drugs, and prostitutes. Early Victorians often write of historical characters, taken from antiquity through the Renaissance. People suffering loss of faith appear in many mid-century poems (Arnold and Tennyson cover this theme often).

Figures of speech: Figures of sound are extremely common (assonance, alliteration, isocolon). Metaphor is often used, but not the extended conceits of the metaphysicals. Metrical experiment is common.