What characteristic features make Things Fall Apart a postcolonial text?

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  • The term 'postcolonial' is primarily cultural in import - the missionary, new religious consciousness, the gap between the tribal and the western outlook.
  • Things Fall Apart is a postcolonial text because Achebe writes back to the centre, representing a phase in Nigerian history during pre-colonial period and during colonization.
  • Deals with decolonization and re-claiming history
  • It shows the aftermath of colonial invasion where the colonizer's use the twin tools of religion and language to dominate the colonized.
  • Another important feature of the book is the employment of language which poses a constant challenge for postcolonial writers. In this novel, Achebe establishes the cultural specificity of language through the use of Ibo phrases and proverbs.
  • Things Fall Apart also deals with Achebe’s call for revising European view of Africa’s history.