What are the characterastics of the Romantic poetry in the poem The Table Turned by William Wordsworth? Would you be please tell me what are the characterastics of the Romantic poetry in the poem The Table Turned by William Wordsworth in a simple way, or like hints with examples from the lines that can help me to construct a research about it?

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There are several Romantic elements in Wordsworth's poem.  The opening lines of the poem stresses the idea that individuals should abandon formalized study which seeks to eliminate emotional connection and replace with a sense of uniqueness and individuality.  Such a condemnation of "formalized" study and embracing a more unconventional view of learning can be seen in each closing line of each stanza.  In each, there is discussion of some tenet or principle of Romantic thought.  For example, the closing line of the second stanza extols the virtue of the natural world, a critical element within the Romantic thought cycle.  The fourth stanza's closing confirms this with the demand of letting "Nature be your teacher."  Another idea of Romantic thought is the idea that individuals will learn and gain more with a sense of wonderment within their studies as opposed to formalized and rote instruction.  This is most evident in the second to last stanza's closing which suggests that the purely scientific and calculating science of dissection is actually a type of "murder."  The concluding stanza indicts Math and Science as venues of study as they seek to explain the natural phenomena and beauty of the world which cannot be explained, critical ideas in Romantic thought.

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