What are some character traits of Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Scout is a feisty, fighty girl who doesn't like to back down. She prefers to play with boys, especially Jem and Dill, rather than to behave like a stereotypical little girl. She never, for example, plays with dolls. She resists her Aunt Alexandra's attempts to turn her into a lady. Scout would rather be outside running around, taking risks, and playing active games.

Scout also has a straightforward, innocent view of the world. For instance, she doesn't understand her new first grade teacher's insecurities and gets in trouble for straightforwardly telling her what is what in Maycomb. She also doesn't understand why she shouldn't go to Calpurnia's black church, and she sees clearly that Tom Robinson is innocent. Her unclouded child's vision helps the reader understand the absurdity and evil of Maycomb's racism.

Scout adores her father: His influence helps curb some of Scout's more feisty, outspoken tendencies, teaching her to get along more tactfully with people. She sees him, as a little girl...

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