What are some character traits for Lula in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Lula is a woman who attends First Purchase African M.E. Church with Calpurnia. She is described as a tall woman by Scout. Scout describes what Lula looks like:

She was bullet-headed with strange almond-shaped eyes, straight nose, and an Indian-bow mouth. She seemed seven feet high (Chapter 12).

As Calpurnia walks with Jem and Scout toward the First Purchase church doors, Lula comes up behind them. She is clearly not pleased. She objects to Calpurnia bringing Scout and Jem to church with her because the children are white. Calpurnia is unapologetic about bringing her guests to church. She reminds Lula that they all worship the same God. Lula remains firm, but she leaves when the other parishioners approach and greet Scout and Jem with kindness.

Lula is an opinionated woman. She is not afraid to be confrontational when she does not agree with someone. She holds strong opinions about white people and black people living separate lives.

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