What character traits have you noticed that are likely to make Scout's life hard?

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The fact that Scout is a tomboy makes it most difficult for her to find friends of her own. Look at how she hangs onto Jem and Dill. When she needs a feminine touch she has Miss Maudie to go to, but she certainly doesn't seem to appreciate for the majority of the book her influence from either Calpurnia or Aunt Alexandra. Look at chapters 1-3 to find her displeasure with Cal, and chapter 13 and 24 to find extreme displeasure with Alexandra. This particular trait makes her quick to fight and uncomfortable around women.

Scout is naive. This trait makes it difficult for Scout to understand most situations. For example, at the jail when the mob came to mess with Tom Robinson in chapter 15, Scout had no idea how much risk she had put the children in. Fortunately it worked in her favor. This is also the case when she tries to explain Walter Cunningham's financial situation to Miss Caroline in chapter 2.

Scout seeks attention in the wrong ways sometimes. When Scout had decided to be a potty mouth, she said bad words to Atticus and Uncle Jack just trying to get a rise so she could get out of school.

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