What character traits does Troy show the most?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Troy shows a sense of the unsettled and insecure throughout the drama.  Of the many traits he displays, it seems to me that this particular one is the most evident.  Troy is unsettled in so many elements of his life that he is incapable of being able to fully understand or appreciate what is in front of him and what he has in his life.  From the very opening of the play where Troy feels that there is institutional bias at his job through the evolving dynamics of his personal relationships, Troy embodies what it means to be unsettled and uncertain.  He stands in stark contrast to Bono, who has found meaning and personal understanding in his own existence.  He even tries to move Troy to his side of the ledger of contentment and solidity, but Troy continues to meander in a personal world where being unsettled and uncertain about one's own place in the world is raised to the highest of levels.  This level of foundational disenchantment, a sense of angst in being, is something that defines Troy, and adds to his narrative.