What are the character traits of Digory in The Magician's Nephew?

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Along with being bold and curious, Diggory is adventurous. Rather than fearing new places and experiences, he is eager to learn and discover. Additionally, he is both brave and imaginative, as is seen as Diggory encourages Polly to explore the attics of their row houses:

"I expect someone lives there in secret, only coming in and out at night, with a dark lantern. We shall probably discover a gang of desperate criminals and get a reward. It's all rot to say the house would be empty all those years unless there was some mystery. . . . Grown-ups are always thinking of un-interesting explanations." (ch. 1)

Diggory often predicts what might come next, as he does when exploring the attic; this shows his imagination.

His love of adventure is seen again when Diggory eagerly selects a pool to enter to travel to another world. He says to Polly in the Wood Between the Worlds,

"There! . . . That's all right. Now for the adventure. Any pool will do Come on. Let's try this one!" (ch. 3)

Diggory makes his...

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