What character traits best describe Steve Harmon in Monster by Walter Dean Myers?

In Walter Dean Myers' Monster, Steve Harmon is, for the most part, a good kid caught in a bad situation. Steve considers and shows himself to be a good person at heart. He loves his family. He is highly creative and self-expressive, and he is sensitive. Steve does not want to be the “monster” others label him as.

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In Monster by Walter Dean Myers, Steve Harmon is a sensitive sixteen-year-old who is caught in a very bad situation. While he probably was involved in a minimal way in the robbery of the drugstore (merely walking in to check for cops), he is found not guilty on a felony murder charge because this level of legal responsibility is far too grave for any part Steve might have played.

Steve is actually mostly a good kid. He considers himself a good person at heart, and he wants to convince his defense attorney of that. He loves his family, especially his younger brother, Jerry. He has not been in serious trouble before, and his focus in life is mostly on film-making.

In fact, Steve is a highly creative person, as his film teacher, Mr. Sawicki, testifies. Steve makes uplifting films to try to raise the spirits and improve the minds of the people in his neighborhood. He wants to make the world a little better through his own self-expression. The format of the novel also reveals Steve's creativity,...

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