What is a character trait of Mr. Frampton Nuttel from "The Open Window"?

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Mr. Frampton Nuttel is a visitor to the area and to the home.  He suffers from a "nerve condition" and thus could be described as neurotic.  He comes with letters of introduction from his sister and has come to the countryside to relax.  But he proves to be quite gullible when the niece tells him the false tale of her aunt's widowed state.  As the hunters return, Frampton freaks out thinking that he has seen a ghost. Mr. Nuttle is shown as quite naive as he frantically flees the house.

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Mr. Framton is a neurotic, asocial character. He visits Mrs. Sappleton's house and area for the first time, which makes him even more nervous. Due to which, the reader can sense a restraint and discomfort in his speech. Mr. Framton acts as a foil to Vera's character because he is extremely gullible and dim witted. He falls for Vera's trap and doesn't even reconsider and evaluate her story.