what is the character of the sniper in the story the sniper and how he transforms  to a human being after he killed the other sniper?  this answer should be like a essay.

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The narrator in the story calls the sniper “young”, “ascetic” and “fanatic” in the

exposition. He is a soldier who has to carry out his orders of killing his enemies

in cold blood, without any feelings of guilt or remorse. To show pain is

forbidden. The sniper plans his actions minutely and is presented by the narrator

as a watchful and diligent observer of the opponents´ next steps.

Being very courageous and obedient, he takes his own death into account in

order to fulfil his tasks. After being hit by the enemy sniper, he has to think of a

trick to be successful at last. Consequently, feelings of superiority are coming

up, he can smile again (l. 69), is eager to kill the other sniper (l. 72) and utters “a

cry of joy” (l. 76f) after his success.

Yet after that immediate experience of death he shudders, has lost all the

eagerness for another fight, and is “bitten by remorse” (l. 84f). At the end of this

inner process of revolt (l. 87) the protagonist´s conscience wins, he regrets being

involved in that war (“cursing the war, cursing himself, cursing everybody” (l.

89f.)) and feels guilty. The author O´Flaherty has the sniper look into his

brother´s face at the end of the story which is certainly the most effective ending

you can imagine.


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