What is a brief character sketch of Squeaky in "Raymond's Run"?

Expert Answers
Vikash Lata eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Squeaky is the kind of girl who nobody can dislike. She’s got a lot of admirable qualities. First of all, she is a perfect sister. Sensitive, caring and protective, she never leaves her mentally challenged brother Raymond alone. Though younger, she plays the role of an elder sister or rather that of a mother to him.

Anybody who wants to make a mark as a sportsman can learn a lot from Squeaky. Running is not just a free-time activity but a passion to her. Her dedication towards running can be understood from the following statement:

“And you can see me any time of day practicing running. I never walk if I can trot...”

Every now and then she keeps on doing breathing exercises “in counts of seven” to further improve her running skills.

At the same time she is unpretentious and frank, unlike her friend Cynthia Procter.

“I’m serious about my running, and I don’t care who knows it.”

Squeaky is not quite girlish in the stereotypical sense of the term. She avoids the company of other girls and remains busy practicing running.

She further evolves into a more admirable character towards the end. She has no malice or jealousy for her competitor Gretchen. She rather admires her;

“She obviously is serious about running, as any fool can see.”