illustration of a car crash, a grave, empty liquor bottles, a basketball, and a young man crying

Tears of a Tiger

by Sharon M. Draper

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what character said this quotation"naw man. ain't no girl got me hooked up. i got her well trained."


Expert Answers

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This quote is part of a conversation between Andy, Rob, and Gerald in the locker room after the basketball game.  They were all in a good mood and teasing one another.  Andy, Rob, Tyrone, and B.J. had plans for after the game.  They were going to ride around in Andy's car, drink a little beer, and then Andy was going to take the other boys home and head over to Keisha's house. Gerald is teasing Andy.  He is comparing Tyrone's attraction to Rhonda to Andy's dreamy-eyed look when he sees Keisha come into study hall.  Andy makes the comment above about not being hooked up to any girl, and that he has Keisha well-trained.  Gerald just tells him to not let Keisha hear him say that, and Andy has to agree.

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