Just Lather That's All Character Analysis

What character qualities do the barber and Captain Torres have in the short story "Just Lather, That's All"?

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The barber is portrayed as a very moral man who undergoes a soul-searching experience but retains his standards. He has the opportunity to kill the man who is causing so many deaths of innocent people. The barber has the motive because he hates the commander who is killing his friends. He also has an excuse because he could claim that it was an accident. As he shaves the commander, he thinks all he has to do is move the knife a little bit and he can rid society of a murderer. Yet his conscience steers him in the right direction because he is unwilling to become a murderer himself. As a revolutionary, he has vowed to fight against vicious people like the commander; he does not intend to emulate his barbaric acts. Additionally, the barber takes pride in his work and he cannot do a poor job; his work ethic will not allow him to do so.

By contrast, the commander is portrayed as a cruel man who enjoys the power he has over people. It is well-known that he kills revolutionaries, and everyone...

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