What occupations did the characters who were sent to Indian Island have in "And Then Were None"?

Expert Answers
schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator
  1. Dr. Armstrong: medical doctor (pg.
  2. Justice Waverly: a retired judge (pg.1)
  3. General Macarthur was a retired military general.
  4. Mrs.Emily Brent has always been a lady of means.  She hasn’t had to work.
  5. Vera Claythorne has been hired as Mrs. Owen's personal secretary.  She was a nursery governess before this and was hoping for a position at “some decent school” (pg.4)
  6. Anthony Marston-was independently wealthy and didn’t have to work.  He comments while driving to the island that Badger probably found the Owens.  “…he was good at that. Of course, he had to, poor old chap, with no money of his own…….. (pg 14)
  7. Philip Lombard –has the title of Captain, but you never know why.  He now is taking on odd jobs. He is a “soldier of fortune” and takes whatever jobs come his way .  Some of his jobs are not exactly legal.
  8.  Mr. Rogers – manservant hired just under a week before the visit. (pg.55)
  9. Mrs. Rogers – maid and wife of Mr. Rogers
  10. Mr. Blore – ex Inspector for the police department