what is the character of Mr.Hardcastle in the play of she stoops to conquer? i need an essay..

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In 'She Stoops to Conquer' Mr. Hardcastle is an important character. While writing as essay on Mr. Hardcastle you may develope the following points( I'm adding a few quotes from the text; you may refer to the text book to complete them):

1) His love for old things: "I love everything that's old:old friends, oldtimes,old manners, old books, old wine...old wife"

2) He is kind and balanced tempered:

3) He is perfctly satisfied and happy with life.

4) He deals with his servants with affection and patience.

5) He is an indulgent father: Mr. Hardcastle has a good understanding with Kate.

6) He is friendly and well mannered.

7) He has a very good sense of humour.

Lastly, the two love stories in the comedy end up happily because of Mr. Hardcastle's  flexibility, generosity and good nature. A.N. Jafferes states "the conventional father of classic comedy, forgiving even when deceived".