What character do you most believe would agree with the need for strong work ethic and why? What character do you most believe would agree with the need for strong work ethic and why?

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vkpteach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Old Man Warner and Mr. Summers are the most tied in to the custom of the lottery. They revile change, and seem to represent the classic Puritan culture of tradition, stern adherence to rules and, one might infer, a strong work ethic.

Tessie Hutchinson's lateness to the gathering and her light hearted comments as she slips into the crowd can be seen as irreverent. Her "untraditional" nature makes her seem like an outsider, almost, and the elders frown upon her. She is the antithesis of what the lottery, and men like Summers and Warner, are trying to preserve. Though the lottery is random, it is no surprise when she is the one selected for sacrifice.

teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with the above post--Old Man Warner seems like he would be the biggest proponent of a strong work ethic.  During the gathering for the lottery, some of the neighbors discuss the origin of the lottery and suggest that they stop the tradition.  They claim that other villages have gotten rid of the lottery to keep up with modern times.  Old Man Warner calls these other villages fools for getting rid of their tradition.  He says that he has participated in the lottery for many years and that everyone must take his or her chance.  So, he has strong views on the nature of responsibility, so he would likely be in support of a strong work ethic.

jihyunkim67 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree that Mr. Summers and Old Man Warner are both so tied up with the tradition that they fail to question the appalling side of the lottery. I think that the characters represent the gruesome and violent side of humans that we hide away behind our daily life personalities. Being so obsessed with traditions and the past seems like their excuse for encouraging and continuing the brutal game of the lottery. 

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